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The experience, the meticulous knowledge of the proposed itineraries and the excellent quality / price ratio, are the ingredients with which De Zen Autoservizi makes the journeys of many people who have relied on its organization unforgettable.

 ...a bit of history

The transport of people, and in particular the local public transport service for the city of Asolo, has involved the De Zen family since the mid-1960s; the activity of local public transport is entrusted exclusively to the "Autoservizi De Zen Michele S.a.s", the only carrier of connection with the historical center of Asolo.

The attachment and knowledge of the territory to which they belonged have not limited the ambitions of expansion of the company which, with a view to diversifying the services to be offered, has developed the segment of scheduled travel, not only nationally but also at the level of international.

The company has continuously invested in the renewal and expansion of the vehicle fleet, adapting it to the new and growing business needs, thus meeting the needs of modernity and reduced environmental impact; today it boasts a fresh vehicle fleet, formed by nr. 3 cars for hire with driver; nr. 8 tourist buses 52/56 seats of which n. 3 minibuses 20/28 seats and nr. 3 urban vehicles, and a branch near the historic center.


Location: ASOLO

Defined by Giosuè Carducci the City of a Hundred Horizons, Asolo is one of the most picturesque old town centres in Italy. Contained within the ancient walls that branch off from the 12th century fortress, in every corner it preserves testimonies of its thousand-year old history.
A fascinating place on the rolling Asolan hills, Asolo was a destination for poets and writers, artists and travellers that found inspiration and harmony here. Among them the English poet Robert Browning, the Divine theatre actress Eleonora Duse, the composer Gian Francesco Malipiero, the English writer and traveller Freya Stark.
A visit to Asolo allows you to combine the pleasure for history and culture with that of dining. In taverns, restaurants, cafes and wine bars that overlook the characteristic arcades and squares you can enjoy delicious dishes prepared with the finest local produce and linked to the Venetian culinary tradition, such as the delicious Cicchetti. All accompanied by a glass of sparkling Asolo Prosecco Superiore DOCG, the excellence of our land.

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